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Risky Businessman
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Risky Businessman
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Nice collection of tracks based on a theme inspired by Tangerine Theme.

So what's in this 12.7MB .Zip (16MB unzipped)?  With this 5-pack, you get (2) 30 second tracks, a 60 and a 90 variation, and as a bonus, a 3:00 track combining all tracks --no special editing or sound f/x used.  *Please note that the 60sec. version has been trimmed precisely for a loop, though it can be used as-is (but you might want to do a longer fade-out).

Great for web (Flash) intro, video score or underscoring dialogue during a Mentalism routine.  Might work for Zombie Ball routine, as well.

Lengths: 60sec. version (original version) --1:00    30sec version 1 (trimmed and added drums and stringed instruments) --:36    30sec. version 2 (very similar to version 1, but no drums, plus added sound f/x) --:36    90sec. version is somewhat of a combination of the 30 and 60 sec. tracks (no drums, but does have a very light pecussion track) with a little variation in the instrumentation --1:40.    Finally, the 3:00 'Combi' track clocks in at 3:10 after it fades out completely. 

RealMedia Sample    mp3 sample

5-pack for the web, TV/radio and more!
Risky Businessman


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