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Leaving Home
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Leaving Home
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Leaving Home
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Here's a quasi-'Chill-out' track in 6 versions (all* mixed down to 320kb mp3s) that can be used in web site Flash intros, underscoring dialogue in a multi-media presentation (live or taped), general video underscore, or scene change music.

This 6-pack can be used for just about anything; the tone is mellow and relaxed, but not sleepy; unobstructive, but contains memorable little riffs that the subconscious will cue in on.  From basic product demos to a full Mentalism routine, this set of tracks will offer a nice change of pace from the usual ethereal 'pad' pieces (for Mentalism) or generic sounding rhythm-n-blues tracks (corp. product demos).

File Size: 18MB Zipped file; 23.6MB unzipped

Lengths: Web loop (original version, edited precisely for seemless looping) --1:04    *Web loop Faded-In, Faded-out (the only track mixed down to 256k for shorter page load times) --1:04    Full Version (contains bass, drums, acoustic guitar, piano and various synth 'colors') --1:43    Alternate Full Version is a more stripped-down version, still contains the drums, but not as much piano, and the synths have been toned-down; the transition cymbal swells have moslty been removed, allowing you to do precise editing; overall less 'distracting', better suited  for dialogue --1:53.    Full Version-Stripped is the most sparse, yet (in my opinion) most beautiful version; no guitars, no drums, and very little synths --1:44    'Combo' track is an edit of the Full and Alt. versions, with a little of the Web Loop used at the end to fade out nice and mysteriously --3:03   

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6-pack for the web, multi-media
Leaving Home


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