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Summer Segue
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Summer Segue
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Summer Segue
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Keep your audience in the show, even when you're not in the show, on the stage, or anywhere to be found.  That's the whole point of a segue: there may be times when nothing is going on, and you need a simple but effective way of filling that void.  'Summertime Segue' is one of many Opus 1 segues that easily solves that problem.  This piece comes in five versions:


Version 1 (full version) 1:30

Version 2a 1:00 version, with some great old school R&B horns to add a little flavor

Version 2b 1:00 version, without the brass

Version 3a :30 version, with brass

Version 3b :30 version; no brass


MP3 Demos:

Demo 1; Full version/no brass

Demo 2; With brass


...All tracks are 320kb mp3's, packed into a .zip file along with the artwork.  Have fun!


Rock-n-roll time-killer; 5 alt. mixes
Summer Segue


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