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Made for stage AND close-up/parlor magicians, Revelation doesn't just sound great -it works.  Incorporating a variety of styles, including the combination of Electronica with Orchestral, Revelation was ahead of it's time upon it's 2006 release, and now sounds as current as anything you'll hear in a Hollywood film score.

Included in the .zip file: you get all 24 original tracks, plus the DVD artwork (and some of the original photos that were transformed into Opus 1 artwork).  The bonus tracks and alternate versions are currently only available on the original DVD disc.  All tracks have been revisited, with mp3 mastering done to enhance the compression that takes place during the .wav -to- mp3 process (though hardly noticeable, as all tracks are at 320kb --virtually CD-quality).  Like the 'RXP-1' download, 5.1 Surround tracks are not included --just the stereo versions.

Total run time is 60:05

Available now as a download, the original 'Revelation' DVD!


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