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Omnia vincit amor
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Omnia vincit amor
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Omnia vincit amor (‘Love Conquers all‘)

Designed as the ultimate escape piece, this may be your opus maximus. Used without track 6, the beginning still provides ample set-up, or story time. You begin by telling the audience of a lost love (or soul mate) from years (or centuries) ago, and how you long to go back in time to undo the tragedy that separated you. Dialog: 0:00 - :25; illusion set-up and transitions: :45, 1:06; 1:36-1:46. The actual escape begins at 2:20, and ends at 2:57. Here’s the cool part: you could have your sound guy start a fade-out right at 3:00 while the audience applauses, or let the track continue on. What follows is a beautiful, very melancholy piano interlude. This might be where the ghost of your past love appears, reunite, then fade into the distance, leaving your audience breathless.

Length 4:49   RealMedia Sample

Ultimate escape illusion
Omnia vincit amor


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