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Dark Side of the Broom
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Dark Side of the Broom
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 --Inspiration for this track is courtesy of a band who had a 1974 release with similar title--

Version1 is a dreamy, pulsating, 'pad' intro track, with booms and swirls to keep it interesting, and in motion.   Version2 takes the dark and twisted theme of Version1 and morphs into a quasi-techno routine or illusion, complete with numerous swirls, sweeps and booms for ample cue points throughout.  Version3 is Ver1 and Ver2 combined (no editing required).

Lengths  Version1  1:14;  Version2  2:20;  Version3  3:07

RealMedia Sample Version1

RealMedia Sample Version2

Can't explain!
Dark Side of the Broom


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